In tune with the creative vision of Stéphan W, the team at Stéphan W hair salon offers cutting, coloring and hairstyling services with artistic flair and flawless execution.

All stylists are trained by the best Master Hairstylists and Colourists from all over the world, while some of them are also part of the best education seminars in the industry to help their peers improve their technique.

And like any hairstylist dedicated to elevating the look and colour of their client’s hair, the team at Stéphan W atelier is super attentive to the wants and needs of each person sitting in their chair.


Anabel - Hairstylist - Stephan W atelier

Anabel, Hairstylist

Looking for a hairstylist known as one of the best curly hair specialists? Anabel, at Stephan W Atelier is your girl!

Her clients keep coming back for her excellent haircuts and hairstyling and, since she joined the team at Stephan W Atelier, they love to come and see her in this chic and casual setting.

Catherine - Hairstylist and Colorist - Stephan W atelier

Catherine, Hairstylist and Colorist

A stylist and colourist for over 15 years, Catherine loves flowing and natural styles, is a pro at working textured hair, and loves creating shorter haircuts.

When it comes to haircolour, her biggest belief is “it has to looks natural”, whether you want to enhance your natural shade or go for a complete change. Looking for a makeover? Catherine’s your girl!

Karine - Hairstylist - Stephan W atelier

Karine, Hairstylist and Colorist

Since 2002, Karine has been creating stunning blondes.

A hairdresser and hair colourist who loves fine-tuning the perfect shade, she’s also amazing at creating the perfect haircut that makes life easier for her busy clients.

Her clients love her best hair reccos and enjoy her great sense of humor.

Marc - Hairstylist and Colorist

Marc, Hairstylist and Colorist

A stylist and colourist for 30 years, Marc loves providing a personalized and extraordinary service. He has developed an unparalleled bond of trust with his clients, which allows him to go above and beyond.

Marc is a curious and adventurous spirit, always seeking change and embracing creativity. He draws inspiration from fashion trends while respecting his clients' choices. So, get ready to embark on a fabulous journey of style and colour with him by your side.

Sara - Hairstylist and Colorist - Stephan W atelier

Sara, Hairstylist and Colorist

Going from one extreme to another, Sara is a hairstylist who loves ‘wash and wear’ haircuts and also excels at big hair makeovers.

When it comes to haircolour, she is a specialist at creating natural palettes because she loves hair that looks easy and simple.

A great listener, she’s always ready to offer great professional advice when it comes to hairdressing and hair colour.

Stephan - Owner and Hairstylist - Stephan W atelier

Stéphan, Owner and Hairstylist

An expert hairdresser and hair colourist for more than 20 years, Stéphan received the very best training in France, his native country.

Passionate about colour, sophisticated hair colour effects have no secret for him. In terms of haircuts, Stéphan is an expert at creating minimal, easy hairstyles.

His clients love him, because he gives them a better version of themselves!

Stevens - Master Hairstylist - Stephan W atelier

Stevens, Master Hairstylist

A master hairstylist with more than 25 years of experience, Stevens is a wizard at creating the best technical haircuts, and achieving all the subtle elegance required by updos and bridal hairstyles.

A passionate, meticulous hairdresser, he is always striving to meet the specific needs of his clients by crafting haircuts that perfectly match their style.

Veronique - Hairstylist

Veronique, Hairstylist

An expert in layered haircuts, for men and with movement (here’s talking to you, fine hair that lacks volume!), Véronique has been master of her shears for 27 years. A booking with her will give a boring bob more oomph and bring sparkle to a tired long hair look.

Energetic and cheerful, she’s always very straightforward with her clients during the consultation.


Émy, Colorist

A colourist for 17 years, Émilie’s specialty is creating super natural hair colours, where blonde stands discreetly melt into each other, and her superb balayage techniques for hair that looks lit from within by the sun.

Dedicated and patient, Émilie blends art and discipline with the sole purpose of creating beautiful and subtle hair colour.

Nathalie, Colorist

A colourist for over 15 years, Nathalie specializes in total makeovers. Personable and discreet, she channels her creativity with an artistic vision as well as bright and flamboyant hair colours.

But, no surprises with Nathalie, she explains in detail each and every step in order to work hand in hand with her clients, as a team, to create extraordinary hair colour.

Nicolas - Master Colorist - Stephan W atelier

Nicolas, Master Colorist

An expert hair colourist for more than 20 years, Nicolas is known for his very fine aluminum highlights, which look very natural and classic.

He enjoys getting to know his clients well, in order to provide them with a super customised colour service.

Nicolas loves working in big, airy spaces, where he feels at best to explore the many facets of hair color creation.

Shirley, Colorist

A colourist for many years, Shirley is a meticulous and caring hair professional. Don't let her rocker looks fool you. Like her work and her attitude, she is a super gentle soul.

Once you’ve experienced a hair colour service with Shirley, it’s hard not to keep coming back for more!


Methila - Assistante - Stephan W atelier

Methila, Assistant