Stephan - Bio - Owner and Hairstylist - Stephan W atelier

A true fan of beauty in every shape and form, from fashion design to makeup, Stephan W decided to embark in a hairstyling career, because “hair is the most important accessory, and the one that follows you everywhere you go.”

After training as a hairdresser in France at Jean-Louis David, known for its edgy and more defined haircuts, he arrived in Montreal in the 90’s where his talent and empathy (such an essential aspect of excellent customer service!) quickly opened for him the doors of the best salons in town.

A fully accomplished hair artist, Stephan W is known for his haircuts designed to enhance the beauty and unique style of each of his clients, as well as for his balayage and sun-kissed blondes. His passion for fiery reds allows him to create the most magnificent adaptations, from the richest auburn browns to the purest Irish reds.

“My ultimate goal in hairdressing is to make my clients look their very best. That’s why I always try to really understand the person who is sitting in my chair and take them a step further, always with the idea that they feel good, that they feel beautiful. My creations are always done in a spirit of collaboration.”

Alongside a prolific career in the salon, Stéphan W has made his mark in the fashion world as hair artistic director for many fashion shows, including those of Denis Gagnon, Marie Saint-Pierre, and Philippe Dubuc, among many others. As an expert hairstylist, he is regularly interviewed for Quebec fashion magazines.

A salon owner for several years, in 2016 he launched Stéphan W Atelier, a pure creative space where his vision is supported by a team of experienced stylists and colorists.

“I am extremely proud of my team because they represent different sides of me. Between all of us there is a strong and uplifting energy, and I am deeply grateful to work with such enthusiastic professionals who are driven by the desire to create beauty together. Essentially, we are providing a space where clients feel comfortable, where they are listened to and heard.”