Our Services

The Consultation

At Stéphan W atelier, the consultation is at the heart of each appointment in order for us to elevate the beauty of your hair.

It’s through this first conversation with you that we will determine together your wants and desires in order to craft a new look that matches your lifestyle, features and mood of the moment.

What’s more, during each of the different services you will experience, we will provide you with information and tips on how to care for and enhance your new look once you’re back at home.

The Haircut

It’s often been said that a hairstylist’s expertise is crystallised the moment the shears cut through the hair. It is with this movement that the hairdressing artistry of Stéphan W springs to life.

This is how, strand by strand, he sculpts hair to create a brand-new look, or give a favourite style back its shape.

In tune with his artistic vision, at Stéphan W atelier shears are the tools that create volume, feather out hair or give a haircut a new direction. Women, men or children, all clients enjoy a customized, dedicated service the moment the shears cut through their hair.

The Hair Colour

Hair colour is the ultimate beauty accessory. It makes your personality shine through even before you utter a single word.

At Stéphan W atelier, we use the innovative and stunning hair colour palettes from Wella Professionals simply because they offer the best high performance results and are infused with the most up-to-date technological advances.

That way, multidimentional colour, low-lights, highlights, balayage and pretty pastels are created specifically for you with one single objective in mind: make your haircolour dreams come true.

At Stéphan W atelier, every hair colour service is followed up by a prescription for at-home care in order to maintain the stunning colour once you’re back at home.


The Hair Extensions

Once upon a time, hair extensions were only available to mega-watt celebrities. But not anymore! Any woman who wants dreamy, super long and thick hair can have it.

At Stephan W Atelier, some of our hairstylists are certified to offer hair extension services. They will be happy to add inches to your hair, create more volume, or include a splash of fashionable colour to your mane.

Your booking will start with an in-depth consultation to choose the strands that match your lifestyle and the look you want. You will also leave the salon with the at-home instructions you need in order to maintain the beauty of your new mane. Hair extensions can last anywhere between 3 to 6 months.

At Stéphan W atelier we choose Great Lengths, the most beautiful and best quality hair extensions on the market, made with Remy virgin hair from Indian temples.